The LearningCart API allows you to programmatically interact with your LearningCart site. This can be useful to automate tasks such as creating users, or to integrate your LearningCart with other systems. The first step in working with the API is to create an admin account specifically for your API access. This can be done by going to the Manage Users section of the left hand admin navigation menu and then selecting Admins. You can then click the Add Administrator button and create your new account.

Once that is done please use the ticket system (which is accessible via the help icon in the top right hand corner of your admin) to request API access. Make sure to reference the account you created so we can associate the correct permissions. Once we confirm you are setup you are ready to begin coding with our API.  


Request Token
GET - https://cdn.learningcart.com/CDNService.svc/requestToken


  • string sitehostname
  • string username
  • string password


  • AuthenticationToken

*Note: sitehostname will be the domain, such as example.com, almost always set up without a www, but the exact value will be given when access is set up. Username is the email address of the admin account chosen to have set up with access. Once a token has been retrieved, it can be used for access to the rest of the end points.


Get Order
GET - https://cdn.learningcart.com/CDNService.svc/getOrderByID


  •  string AuthenticationToken
  • string orderid


  • Order

Get Orders By Date
GET -https://cdn.learningcart.com/CDNService.svc/getOrdersByDate


  • string AuthenticationToken
  • DateTime BeginDate (not required)
  • DateTime EndDate (not required)


  • List<Order>

*Note: Omitting BeginDate defaults the date to 1 week ago, omitting the EndDate defaults it to Now.

Add Comped Order
GET - https://cdn.learningcart.com/CDNService.svc


  • string AuthenticationToken
  • int CustomerID
  • int PriceID
  • string OrderComments (not required)


  • Order

*Note: A valid Customer ID and Price ID must be supplied.


Add Customer
GET - https://cdn.learningcart.com/CDNService.svc/addCustomer


  •  string AuthenticationToken
  • string FirstName
  • string LastName
  • string Email
  • string UserName
  • string Password
  • string Address1
  • string Address2
  • string City
  • string State
  • string Province
  • string Zip
  • string CountryName
  • string ShippingAddress1
  • string ShippingAddress2
  • string ShippingCity
  • string ShippingState
  • string ShippingProvince
  • string ShippingZip
  • string ShippingCountryName


  • Customer

*Note: Only AuthenticationToken and Email are required to be non-empty strings. Passing an Email that belongs to an existing Customer will return that Customer, not create a new one. Including any non-empty string values with an existing customer will update that customer with those new values.

Creating a Customer without a password will generate a random password, which will be included in the Customer response. Customer object has a isNew bit field to notify if the Customer was either created or simply retrieved/updated.

Add Customer To Group
GET - https://cdn.learningcart.com/CDNService.svc/addCustomerToGroup


  • string AuthenticationToken
  • int CustomerID
  • int GroupID
  • bool isAdmin (not required. Default false)


  • bool

*Note: By default, API users can not assign a customer to a group as an admin. LearningCart has to be notified if that API user is to be given that access.


Get Completions
GET - https://cdn.learningcart.com/CDNService.svc/getCompletions


  • string AuthenticationToken
  • DateTime BeginDate
  • DateTime EndDate


  • List<CourseCompletionInfo>

*Note: Report returns Customers who’ve either began or completed training within the date range given. A Status field is returned either 0 for began training, 1 for completed. API User can optionally be set up to only report specific Course IDs, Group IDs, a “Manager” Customer ID, and a maximum days date span for the begin and end dates.

Object Definitions/Return Values


  • Guid "Authentication Token"
  • DateTime "Issue Date"
  • DateTime "Expiration Date"
  • string "Issue Date String"
  • string "Expiration Date String"


  • int "Order ID"
  • DateTime "Order Date"
  • decimal "Grand Total"
  • decimal "Product Total"
  • decimal "Shipping"
  • decimal "Tax"
  • string "Shipping Address"
  • string "Order Status"
  • string "Customer Comments"
  • decimal "Discount"
  • decimal "Full Grand Total"
  • string "Order Date String"
  • List<OrderDetail> OrderDetails
  • Customer Customer


  • int "Order Detail ID"
  • decimal "Shipping"
  • decimal "Price"
  • string "options"
  • int "Quantity"
  • decimal "Original Price"
  • Product Product
  • ProductAccessInfo ProductAccessInfo


  • string "Product Name"
  • int "Product ID"
  • decimal "Price"
  • decimal "Employee Price"
  • decimal "Shipping"
  • decimal "Shipping Intl"
  • decimal "Weight"
  • string "Price Name"
  • DateTime "Event Start Date"
  • DateTime "Event End Date"
  • string "Custom Field 1"
  • string "Custom Field 2"
  • string "Custom Field 3"
  • string "Custom Field 4"
  • string "Custom Field 5"
  • string "Custom Field 6"
  • string "SKU"
  • string "UPC"
  • string "ISBN"
  • string "Additional Details"
  • string "Event Start Date String"
  • string "Event End Date String"


  • DateTime "Start Date"
  • DateTime "Expiration Date"
  • int "Status"
  • DateTime "Create Date"
  • string "Edited"
  • string "Start Date String"
  • string "Expiration Date String"
  • string "Create Date String"


  • int "Course ID"
  • string "Course Name"
  • string "Description"
  • string "CEUs"
  • string "Course Level"
  • string "Course Location"
  • string "AdditionalCertificateText"
  • string "Course Identifier"


  • DateTime "Start Date"
  • DateTime "Completed Date"
  • int "Status"
  • int "Score"
  • string "Start Date String"
  • string "Completed Date String"
  • Course Course
  • Customer Customer


  • "Customer ID"
  • string "First Name"
  • string "Last Name"
  • string "Email"
  • string "User Name"
  • string "Password"
    *Note: Password is always returned NULL on existing customers. It is only returned with a value on new customers.
  • string "Address 1"
  • string "Address 2"
  • string "City"
  • string "State"
  • string "Province"
  • string "Zip"
  • string "Country Name"
  • string "Shipping Address 1"
  • string "Shipping Address 2"
  • string "Shipping City"
  • string "Shipping State"
  • string "Shipping Province"
  • string "Shipping Zip"
  • string "Shipping Country Name"
  • bool "isNew"
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